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Who is M&M Bail Bonds?

Being licensed throughout all of New Jersey and having over 40 years of experience in the business of bail bonds is what makes M&M the people to call when you or loved one needs help.
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What to expect when you contact M&M Bail Bonds?

  1. Find out where your loved one is being held and how much their bail is. Not sure? Call us and we’ll find out for you. Dial (866) 707-BAIL(2245) and speak directly to Pete or Sean, owners of M&M Bail Bonds.
  2. We will answer any and all of your questions as well as ask you several questions to determine exactly what you will need to secure your loved one’s release.
  3. We will then determine the easiest and quickest manner in which to process all necessary paperwork. We will meet with you directly on location at the jail, police department, courthouse, our office or your home. Often this transaction may be processed via phone, fax or email (E-Bonds).
  4. Once the paperwork is complete and payment has been secured we will arrange for bail to be posted in the quickest manner possible.

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We will personally walk you through the entire process step by step.

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