Helpful Information About Bail Bonds

My Husband Was Arrested; How Do I Make Bail?

How To Make Bail Was your husband arrested with a bail amount set too high for you or your family to pay?   If you are looking for what to do next, or where to go for help the following article will guide you through the basics of the bail bond system.   Let’s start with some basics. Sometimes the person arrested (the accused) is allowed to be released from jail in exchange for an amount of money (bail). They are promises to show up to court for all necessary hearings. The bail amount will be refunded at the end of trial if the defendant makes all appointed meetings. The

What is the Bail System and How Does it Work?

Bail Bond Basics Have you ever watched an episode of law and order, where the judge sentenced a defendant into custody, with a bail set at $100.000? Sometimes the prosecution is upset because the defendant is wealthy and will have no problem paying the bail, then leave the county. Other times you see the defendant almost panic at the bail amount. But what does that mean? Why are average joes getting bail amounts over $100.000 and how do they pay it? More often than not when someone is given a bail amount they will be unable to pay it themselves and turn to a bail bondsman. What is the bail

Electronic Home Monitoring

What You Need To Know About Electronic Home Monitoring So you or someone you know has been required to use a electronic monitoring system, or ankle bracelet as it more commonly referred to. The good news is the use of an electronic monitor allows you certain freedoms, versus being sentenced to jail. There are however some very important caveats to the system that you will want to be familiar with. Before we get into some questions most people have let’s go over a few basics. How Does Electronic Home Monitoring Work? The ankle bracelet device transmits a coded signal to the EHM monitoring unit. If the ankle bracelet is removed,