Electronic Home Monitoring

What You Need To Know About Electronic Home Monitoring

So you or someone you know has been required to use a electronic monitoring system, or ankle bracelet as it more commonly referred to.

The good news is the use of an electronic monitor allows you certain freedoms, versus being sentenced to jail.

There are however some very important caveats to the system that you will want to be familiar with. Before we get into some questions most people have let’s go over a few basics.

How Does Electronic Home Monitoring Work?

The ankle bracelet device transmits a coded signal to the EHM monitoring unit.

If the ankle bracelet is removed, or has been in some way tampered with, altered or damaged the monitoring unit will know. The monitoring unit can also detects when the wearer enters or exits the home residence.

There are accessories to test breath that work with many monitoring units. Law enforcement use this accessory to to ascertain the level of alcohol consumption of the wearer

The information from the ankle bracelet is sent to the monitoring unit, then a phone line is used to receive the signal transmitted by the ankle bracelet and the monitoring unit. This information is then sent over to the EHM provider through the phone line.

All status reports are handled by the EHM and delivered to the appropriate court or probation officials.

Types of Offenses that Might Require Wearing an EHM Ankle Bracelet.

Probation House Arrest

When a defendant in the criminal justice system is placed on house arrest, an EHM ankle bracelet is often used. What is house arrest? It is when a defendant is punished by being restricted to his or her home. There are a few exceptions for work, to go to court, and other allowances. The perimeter of the EHM is defined by the defendant’s residence.

If the person wearing the ankle bracelet goes outside of the established Parameter, an alarm is activated notifying police.

Drug Testing

If you are arrested for a DUI or DWI then you may be sentenced to house arrest. Many ankle bracelets have the ability to test the blood for alcohol. The wearer will feel a slight prick. And there may be an option for a breath test accessory. If an impermissible amount an alarm will sound for the police.


You probably have some questions about EHM. Let’s cover some of the more common ones.


Q: – What do I do if if my unit comes unplugged, or the power goes out?

A: – First check and make sure the unit didn’t come unplugged. If that does not work check your fuse box for a blown circuit.


If you have a working cell phone call your case manager and let them know the power is out. If you do not have a working cell phone call them once the power is back on and explain that the power went out.


The monitor and ankle bracelet can still safely monitor you for several days.It will store all the information and transmit it once the power is returned.


Q: – Will I go to jail if my case manager sends a violation to the court?

A: – The court will issue a summons and you will be called in to explain to the judge why you violated the rules contract.


The judge may issue you a warning or sanction you to more time on the EHM, or if serious enough your EHM may be terminated and you will be placed into custody.


Q: – What other appointments am I allowed to do on EHM?

A: – You may go to dentist, probation, court, doctor treatment, and AA meetings.


You may also be allowed to go to church, but need specific permission.


Q: – Am I allowed to go work?

A: – Yes. You will need to have your employer fill out a work form with your hours and schedule.


Q: – Are my conversations recorded by the equipment?

A: – No.
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