Got NJ Bail Bonds Questions?

1What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court executed on behalf of the defendant to ensure their appearance in court throughout the case proceedings.

2Do I ever have to pay the full amount of the bail bond?

The payment of the bail bond will only become due and payable in full if the defendant fails to appear in court when requested, has no legitimate reason for non-appearance and is unable to be located in a timely manner.

3What action can I take to avoid making full payment of the bail bond?

The state allows 75 days for the defendant to be returned to court or for a motion to be filed indicating why the bond should not be paid. Should the defendant be apprehended by the bail bond company within 75 day time period a Judge will determine how much of the bond will need to be paid.

4How much is the fee for a bail bond in NJ?

The fee for a bail bond is 10% and is regulated by the NJ Department of banking and Insurance. If you are not quoted a full 10% for the bond then you have been quoted an illegal fee and the bail agent and bail itself may be subject to investigation and possibly the bail being revoked.

5Are all bail bond companies the same?

All bail bond companies are not the same. We pride ourselves on acting professionally, discreetly, and quickly to secure the release of your loved one. We do not tell you one thing on the phone then change the entire deal when we meet as many of our competitors do. While payment plans are available ask yourself if people truly got out of jail for 0% or even 1% wouldn’t the jails be closer to empty? Save yourself the aggravation and disappointment and call the company with a track record that you can trust, M&M Bail Bonds.