How To Help Your Husband Make Bail

Bail Will Get Your Husband Out Of Jail And Bring Him Home

Find out the bond amount. At an arraignment, the defendant will have their charges read to them, they will have an opportunity to meet with a lawyer (at least a public defender) and will have the opportunity to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. If they plead not guilty, then the court will decide whether or not there will be bail and determine what type and how much bail will be. The judge will set conditions on the bond, such as an amount of money. The amount of the bond is set to guarantee that your friend will show up for trial. The bond is refundable as long as the friend shows up for all proceedings. If your friend cannot afford the bond amount set by the judge, you or other friends and family may help him or her pay for bail, or you may contact a bail bondsman.

A bail bondsman is someone who lends money to people in order to enable them to make bond. The bail bondsman usually requires that you put down 10% of the bail amount. He will lend you the remaining bail money. If you have trouble locating your husband after his or her arrest, a bail bondsman can help with this as well.

Your husband will need to sign a “signature bond” if applicable. If the judge determines that your husband is not a flight risk (won’t flee to another state), he or she may release your friend under his or her “own recognizance.” This means the friend will sign a bond recognizing his or her obligation to continue appearing in court for the duration of legal proceedings. If your husband fails to appear after signing such a bond, a warrant will be issued for his or her arrest. Your friend will also owe a predetermined amount of money to the court that the judge will decide when issuing the signature bond.

Arrange a ride for your husband. The police will release him from detention after someone has posted the bond or signed the signature bond. Ensure your husband has a ride home from the detention facility upon release.

If you need help finding your husband, or help paying the bond contact M&M Bail Bonds, at (201)441-9088, and we will be happy to help assist you in this time of need.

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