Helpful Information About Bail Bonds

How Bail Bonds Saved My Life

Bail Bonds Can Keep You Out Of Jail, And Give You Peace Of Mind Last year I turned 30. To celebrate my friends took me out to dinner. We went to my favorite steak house and I had a few drinks. Rather than doing the responsible thing and call for a ride I decided to

How To Help Your Husband Make Bail

Bail Will Get Your Husband Out Of Jail And Bring Him Home Find out the bond amount. At an arraignment, the defendant will have their charges read to them, they will have an opportunity to meet with a lawyer (at least a public defender) and will have the opportunity to enter a plea of guilty,

Electronic Home Monitoring

What You Need To Know About Electronic Home Monitoring So you or someone you know has been required to use a electronic monitoring system, or ankle bracelet as it more commonly referred to. The good news is the use of an electronic monitor allows you certain freedoms, versus being sentenced to jail. There are however